We are excited to be able to offer a new option for residential scale tanks by Water Storage Tanks Inc., maker of CorGal® Tanks! These tanks are built with Eastern Red Cedar staves and non-potable liners with 25 gauge metal roofs. They come in three sizes: 375 gallons (4′ diameter), 1,200 gallons (6′ diameter) and 3,000 gallons (8′ diameter). Custom options will also be available , such as potable liners if desired for your application. As the authorized dealer/installer for CorGal® Water Storage Tanks, we are your one source for corrugated metal and Tiny Timber Tanks!

Tiny Timber Tank
Tiny Timber Tank by Water Storage Tanks, Inc.

These tanks can be installed directly on native soil as in the photo or on a concrete pad. More typically we will install them on a block and gravel base to elevate them slightly for gravity applications, aesthetics, and to protect the wood staves from excessive moisture.

Here is a link to the Tiny Timber brochure to share with your friends and colleagues: Tiny Timber Brochure

Now is the time to think about installing your rainwater catchment system before the winter rains! Keep in mind that even in a drought year we typically get at least 5 inches of rain per year which translates to over 3,000 gallons when collecting from a 1,000 sq ft roof area. Installing a tank also gives you new opportunities to direct the tank overflow into a rain garden to build moisture in your soil and support native shrubs — attracting butterflies and hummingbirds!

Give us a call to start catching water at your residence or business!!

Introducing Tiny Timber CorGal® Tanks!!
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