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Our team of professionally trained greywater, rainwater, and green roof designers and installers are ready to get your project started. Please contact us using the form below or reach out at 619-300-7114 (Rosalind) or 619-964-4838 (Brook). You can also email us at: We look forward to working with you!


CatchingH2O/H2OME is now offering phone consultations for retrofits of existing plumbing and landscape. We understand that you need a high quality solution but may not be able to afford or justify the cost of a home consultation. So for less than half the price of a home consultation, employing Google Earth and our extensive experience with all different kinds of greywater and rainwater solutions for our region, we are now offering phone consultations. By completing the following survey, we will be able to prepare for our phone conversation by identifying the top strategies to focus on, determining your water budget, and preparing some key personalized questions to hone in on the methods that will work best for you. What you will receive:

  • 30 minute phone call

  • Water budget for laundry, shower, rain and other onsite sources as appropriate for your site

  • Identification of solutions to problems like flooding, erosion, or heavy water demand

  • Maximizing budget constraints to achieve maximum water conservation

  • Provide costs for site specific projects

  • Provide report with map as needed to help conceptualize

  • Provide additional resources (rebates, other professionals for associated work, further reading, workshop opportunities, etc)

At only $75, this is a great opportunity to get your project right and save money. If you hire us to do the work, we will credit you $25. Sign up for a consultation now!

Click here to request a phone consultation!


CatchingH2O/H2OME wants to ensure that you make the best decision for your home, your family, your budget and your yard.  We offer customized solutions.  When we come out for a consultation, we assess all your water potential to come up with a water budget.  Then we match that budget to your plants and/or other needs/desires such as indoor non-potable use for laundry or flushing toilets, or even a drinking water station.  We focus on cost efficiency for you as well as sustainability for our community.

One thing we’ve learned is that one size does not fit all.  In order to find a solution that really suits your space, your habits, your budget we offer consultations.

We can offer you a range of information from sizing, pricing, material use, aesthetics, low-cost things you can do that don’t involve buying anything, combining water resources such as including greywater in your water budget for your yard, using your water more effectively by selecting productive plantings.  We will analyze your current water use and give you tips and ideas on how to use less, what resources are available to you, and where you can find out about the latest technologies.


  • total rainwater potential from roof

  • gutter layout and resources

  • rainwater tank sizes, pricing, locations

  • rerouting downspouts into existing landscape

  • mulching and basin suggestions

  • integrating rainwater with existing irrigation

  • available rebates

  • greywater accessibility

  • greywater routing and matching water resources to plantings

  • appropriate plantings

  • pricing and materials

  • where to get parts for do-it-yourself options

  • upcoming workshops and events

  • practicalities of how you will engage with your system or not


catching h2o water harvesting beaver cartoon

photo credit: Drop and Curl 2 via photopin (license)