One of our ongoing challenges and goals as designer/installers is to find ways to blend rainwater catchment into the landscape so that it is barely seen. Of course, the easiest way to do this is with underground storage either in a rain garden or cistern. Above-ground storage has a lot of advantages in terms of cost and ease of installation but presents more issues with regard to visibility and foot traffic.

Strategies for concealment or hiding can include installing tanks under a tree canopy or building a trellis to grow a vine over the tanks. Very often, space is at a premium for an urban residential site, which leaves tanks exposed and a very visible part of the landscape.

Rainwater Tank Concealment: Don’t Forget the Tiny Spaces!

We recently had the opportunity to design and install a rainwater harvesting system for an urban residence with a manicured garden and extensive hardscape. The only location for rainwater storage was under a large deck, which provided a nice concealment for the tanks. Thankfully, we located tanks that would fit the space and ordered them with a custom color that would best match the existing ferns.

concealed rainwater storage tanks under deck
Concealing rainwater tanks isn’t easy sometimes, but existing structures, like decks, can sure help!
copper downspout rainwater harvesting
Copper gutter downspout is a wonderful alternative to PVC pipes and weathers better.

The system includes eight two hundred gallon tanks for a total storage of 1,000 gallons. Our focus on appearance meant that we had to utilize the existing copper downspouts. We solved this challenge with our favorite gutter company, San Diego Rain Gutters, who provided a copper transition box from the copper downspout to our tanks. This box also houses our sediment filter for the rainwater before it reaches the tanks. The system includes a gravity hose bib and a small pressure-sensitive pump that delivers water to a hose bib on top of the deck so the homeowner can water her potted plants. This project was installed with Rich Alianelli and Building Green Futures (our parent company).

Give us a call today at 619-786-5976 if you would like us to design and install a rainwater harvesting system for your home or business – from hidden and aesthically pleasing to simple and practical.

Designing Rainwater Catchment that Blends with the Environment

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