As some of you may know, light wells are a Del Mar phenomenon because they allow basement level living areas with natural lighting and ventilation where real estate is premium and buildings must be designed to limit visual impact for neighbors, and preserve existing views.

In addition to solving problems for living spaces, light wells also present an opportunity for onsite waste water management. Any basement level plumbing will typically require an ejection pump to the sewer because of their depth. Greywater fixtures — showers, baths, lav sinks and laundry  — can be plumbed to a surge tank in the light well to work with plumbing inverts, capture all greywater fixtures, and avoid taking up valuable outside space with limited lot sizes.

These photos show a greywater system in progress at two adjacent custom homes in coastal Del Mar. Greywater storage in the light well will have all the required connections to sewer with the adjacent sewer ejection system (not shown) and three-way diverter valve.

The greywater will be pumped up and out of the light well to irrigate a variety of landscape plantings in the back yard areas overlooking the ocean.

Look for a second post about this project once it is fully installed and irrigating plantings with greywater!













Creative Ways to Incorporate Residential Greywater Systems: Light Wells
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