This client chose a CorGal® corrugated metal tank for their rainwater storage both to complement the modern architecture of their home in Pacific Palisades and for the superior quality of a CorGal® tank. CorGal® tanks are made of corrugated hot-dipped galvanized steel and are assembled from wall sheets, roof panels, pre-liner and liner on site. The tanks are installed on a concrete foundation for stability, and anchored for seismic standards, based on engineering for the specific site conditions. This design offers many opportunities to customize the tank, from simple features such as a roof ring for safety to roof style (from flat to 30 degree pitched). Not only do corrugated steel tanks have superior durability to tanks made from other materials but they also offer the option to replace the liner if the tank application changes (for example from non-potable to potable use or rainwater to wastewater).

5,000 gallon CorGal® Tank

The rainwater stored in this 5,000 gallon tank will be used to irrigate an orchard. A submersible pump is installed in the tank and connected to irrigation valves for drip irrigation. The client wanted a rainwater hose bib as well as rainwater for drip zones so an on-demand pump with a built in float switch was specified.

Hanging liner and pre-liner

CorGal® Tanks come in sizes from 700 gallon up to over 600,000 gallons with typical diameters from 6′ to 72′. Custom options are possible, such as for the tank described here, which has an 11′ diameter and a 10 degree roof to fit the space available. Tanks can also be clad in timber or installed on a tower.

Easy access to work inside!







CorGal Tank adds Aesthetic and Durability

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