Led by the intrepid Rosalind Haselbeck, Catching H₂O’s team is comprised of friendly, professional, and talented humans. Get to know our team, and some other professional colleagues we enjoy working with!

Catching H₂O Team

Rosalind Haselbeck, Founder and Partner

rosalind haselbeck

Rosalind Haselbeck is the founder, partner and president of Catching H₂O. Rosalind’s vision is to change people’s relationship with water — conserving it and using it with awareness in their homes and businesses. Rosalind is an ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) accredited professional, a green roof accredited professional, an accredited member of the G3 Gardens group, and a level 2 installer with Greywater Action. Rosalind’s educational background includes a PhD in Biology from the University of California, Irvine. Before embarking on her second career in water conservation, Rosalind taught Biology at the University of San Diego, where her teaching on environmental topics ultimately inspired her to form her first company, Building Green Futures, in 2007. Rosalind has been designing and installing green roofs and water harvesting systems since 2006. She is a licensed landscape and general contractor (C-27 and B) license #1011481.

H2OME – Rainwater and Greywater Harvesting Design and Installation

h2ome logo rainwater harvesting

H2OME focuses on simple, effective, and reasonably priced home rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse systems. Brook Sarson, founder and owner, took her passion for healing the planet and crafted a business that leaves her customers extremely satisfied and proud of their ability to contribute to a healthier, more resilient world. Reach out to Brook and her team at h2o-me.com and start saving water, money, and help heal the planet!

Philip Dunn

Philip Dunn

Philip Dunn is a sustainability aficionado with strong personal interests in beekeeping, edible landscapes and food waste advocacy. As a homeowner he has extensive experience with plants and garden design with an eye for maximizing small spaces and water conservation in our urban environment. He is co-founder/farmer of the Agua Dulce Cooperative Farm in Chula Vista that offers weekly CSA boxes. Several years ago, he founded Harvesting San Diego, a program of the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, that helps local homeowners harvest and distribute their excess fruit to local food banks and aid agencies. He continues to run the program and now serves on the Board of Roots. As a beekeeper, Philip offers live bee rescues, hive hosting, mentoring and bee-related products. In a former life, he competed for the US Track & Field Team at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, won numerous national championships and traveled the world. As well as providing beekeeping services for Catching H2O, Philip does maintenance of greywater and rainwater systems and also assists on installations when he has time.

Awesome San Diego Companies We Work With

Ecology Artisans – Ecological Landscape Designers

ecology artisans logo san diego landscape design

Ecology Artisans specializes in creating beautiful, functional, and regenerative landscapes in San Diego County. California certified landscape contractors, Ecology Artisans takes a holistic approach toward designing landscapes that meet client needs and exceed their expectations. Start your landscape transformation today at ecologyartisans.com. Licensed, bonded, and insured. C-27 License # 1007530.

Simple Construct – Healthy Living Through Natural Building

natural building experts simple construct

Mike and Rebecca, owners and California certified General Contractors, started Simple Construct to find a healthier alternative to conventional home construction. Utilizing natural building methods such as straw bale and natural clay and lime plasters, Mike and Rebecca create homes that are not only custom and beautiful, but keep their inhabitants healthier, reduce heating and cooling costs, and reduce their ecological footprint. Check out their amazing work at simpleconstruct.net and begin to design and build the home of your dreams!