Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is everywhere! Everything harvests rainwater to a certain degree. It’s how it’s designed, shaped, built, and used that dictates just how much water can be captured, stored, or redirected.

Think of a roof as the easiest rainwater harvesting tool your home (or building) has. A typical coastal San Diego house has a 2,000ft² roof which receives 11,200 gallons annually.*

rainwater harvesting tank house illustration
Save the rain using your roof and cut your water budget drastically!

Rainwater is the perfect water source for irrigation with its neutral pH and very low salt content. Retaining rain water on site reduces the need to irrigate landscapes with potable (drinking) municipal water, and also helps protect our beaches and canyons from erosion and pollution caused by stormwater run-off.

Rainwater Harvesting Design & Installation

Our rainwater harvesting projects include a wide range of systems and strategies: earthworks to capture rainwater in infiltration basins, above-ground plastic tanks, above-ground metal tanks on concrete pads, underground tanks, simple gravity delivery to irrigation, and integrated systems with pumps and city water back-up. Each site has its particular needs and our expert designers can create a solution for your goals and unique requirements.

Catching H₂O offers consulting, design, installation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems throughout San Diego county. We are also available for contract work beyond San Diego. Please reach out to learn more!

Catching H2O is the authorized dealer and installer for CorGal® tanks in Southern California.