Greywater Systems

Greywater is wash-water. Greywater includes lavatory sinks, showers, baths and laundry. Kitchen sinks and toilets are excluded. Greywater is a wonderful source of irrigation water as long as it is released a minimum of 2” below mulch or soil as per the California Plumbing Code.

Earthworks swale on contour fed by recycled greywater.
Earthworks swale on contour fed by recycled greywater.

Greywater Systems Design & Installation

Our greywater systems include consulting, permitting, design, installation and maintenance.

We have extensive experience installing retro-fit greywater systems for existing homes with upstairs fixtures or accessible crawlspaces. We also work with commercial customers, and we will help you choose the best greywater system for your needs.

New construction offers the opportunity to install larger and more integrated whole-house systems with water savings of up to 60,000 gallons per year!

We always start with simple gravity fed systems, but we also are experts at designing and installing zoned pressurized drip systems that work best with complex irrigation and landscape demands.

Contact our team today to schedule a design consultation to create your own recycled greywater system!