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Catching H₂O takes pride in supplying tanks that are engineered for each individual location and using nothing less than the highest quality materials available. We oversee each project from initial plan through build to ensure the quality of installation lives up to the quality of materials and design. By working closely with our customers from the early design stage, we ensure that we provide you a finished product that will meet or exceed all applicable codes and regulations.

CorGal® Water Storage Tanks Product Information

commercial water storage tank systems
Commercial scale water storage tanks can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

CorGal® Water Storage Tanks meet the following minimum standards:

  • G-115 hot dipped galvanization
  • 20-gauge steel sidewalls
  • 24-gauge steel roof panels
  • Designated bottom panels to better distribute weight
  • Full tank geotextile preliner
  • 24 mil PVC flexible membrane liner
  • Schedule 80 PVC flanges or hot-dipped galvanized steel flanges

The following upgrades are available per customer’s preference, or may be required by site and use specific design:

  • Up to 8-gauge steel sidewalls
  • High seismic zone anchors
  • Sidewall stiffeners
  • Roof reinforcement rings or stiffeners
  • Potable grade liners (NSF-61)
  • Reinforced liners
  • Chemical resistant liners
  • Foundation penetrating flanges
  • Ladders, staircases, or safety rest platforms

Every CorGal® Tank will be engineered to meet the International Building Codes (IBC) 2013 standards:

  • 115 mph Wind Load
  • Seismic Design Category 2B
  • Site-specific live loading
corgal water storage tanks in parking lot
Catching rainwater is easy using CorGal water storage tanks.

Most tanks require site-specific modifications and upgrades. Therefore, we offer the option to order a complete structural design calculation package (SDCP), stamped by a professional engineer licensed in your state. The SCDP ensures the tank is built to the location’s requirements and may be reviewed by building code enforcement agencies to ensure compliance to local ordinances and laws.

Catching H₂O ensures the products are built to our customers’ exacting standards. Water tanks are often more than an aesthetic feature or simple convenience – they serve a designated purpose and must demonstrate unquestionable reliability. For example:

Fire Protection

CorGal Tanks can be engineered and designed to be fire protection water tanks that comply with local, state and national fire protection codes and standards such as:

  • NFPA-22 (Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection)
  • NFPA-1142 (Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting)
fire defense water tanks
Fire department water tank to CorGal water tanks.

When municipal water sources are insufficient to meet fire flow requirements, an alternate water supply is often required by the fire marshal. Fire protection tanks can be equipped to supply fire suppression equipment or to supplement tanker truck requirements with fire department connections. When a fire event is underway and a truck is draining over 1,000 gallons per minute from the tank, the fire service must be assured that the tank will not implode or otherwise fail. CorGal Tanks are backed by licensed engineers who have carefully calculated each tank’s requirements to ensure they will work in a crisis.

Fire protection tanks feature the following upgrades:

  • Higher gauge sidewall
  • Long-lasting anti-vortex fittings (not painted metal)
  • Roof vents
  • Premium water level indicators
  • OSHA compliant ladders

Tank Towers

Our tanks can be constructed on a tower or other elevated location if gravity flow or high visibility are desired. All towers are site engineered to ensure safety and longevity. These elevated tanks may be used as functional water storage tanks for various applications or as signage to help promote your business or serve as a landmark in a highly visible manner.

Let us help plan, design, and implement high-quality tanks as part of your project. We offer diverse solutions to meet your site plan requirements. With an extensive range of models available, we are confident we have a perfect product for you.

Tank Applications

We specialize in designing and installing water tanks for rainwater harvesting (irrigation and potable water storage), fire protection, stormwater management, and many other applications depending on the project’s needs. We also adapt our tanks for special projects, such as signage or shelters. We prefer to work hand-in-hand with you to help find the best product for your site.

residential metal rain water tank
Residential water storage tanks can look attractive compared to poly tanks.

Sizes Available

CorGal® Tanks with roofs can be built from 6 feet to 120 feet in diameter; tanks without roofs can be up to 200 feet in diameter. With heights ranging from 4 feet to 30 feet, a tank can hold anywhere from 700 gallons to more than 500,000 gallons of water.

Roof Types

Our tanks can be designed with pitched, flat, or inverted roofs, to fit your functional needs. Available roof options include:

  • 30° Flat-Seam Roof Panels for 6 ft., 8 ft. and 9 ft. diameter tanks
  • 10° High-Rib Roof Panels on 6 ft. to 72 ft. diameter tanks
  • 30° High-Rib Roof Panels on 6 ft. to 120 ft. diameter tanks
  • Flat Roofs on 4 ft. to 27 ft. diameter tanks
  • Inverted Roofs (also known as Funnel Roofs) on 6 ft. to 18 ft. diameter tanks
sprouts corgal metal water tank
CorGal tanks are very flexible to match the needs for diverse architecture styles and treatments.


Exteriors can be galvanized steel, timber, painted, or clad. Some customers use our tanks as beautiful and distinctive signage. Our goal is to always create the solution that best meets your needs.

Engineered to last

Every CorGal corrugated, galvanized steel tank will be engineered to meet IBC 2013 standards with the option to upgrade based on site specific requirements or customer preference. We offer a thorough, site-specific structural design calculation package, which is developed and stamped by a licensed engineer, as an option on every project. This important engineering package ensures the tank is built to the location’s requirements by taking numerous calculations into account, such as wind and snow loads plus seismic activity. Every tank includes a geotextile preliner and a flexible membrane liner, which prevent corrosion by keeping water away from the steel interior of the tank to prolong the product’s lifespan. Concrete foundations are necessary to stabilize the tank position and limit movement in the event of extreme weather or natural disaster. Tanks can also be constructed on a tower or other elevated location if gravity flow or high visibility are desired.

Fast and economical

CorGal Tanks are built on site, more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of old-fashioned bolted steel or welded steel tanks. Because it arrives unassembled, the tank can be erected on difficult-to-access project sites and can be disassembled and relocated, if necessary.

Product Warranties

CorGal Tanks have an expected lifespan of 50+ years. They are always protected under a 10 year structural warranty. Each liner has its own individual warranty, ranging from 5 to 12 years.

CorGal® is a registered trademark of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. and is used with permission. All product specific material are the property of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. and used with permission.